When looking at a blank canvas an infinite space opens up, where everything is possible and at the same time in that infinity it is imperative to find the "one" image, which is waiting to be revealed. It is a great freedom and also responsibility. When I start to paint a new picture, I have only a dim idea of which way the road goes and often I surprise myself, where I go, what the result looks like, and what I realized along the way.


Detail obrazu malovaného na zakázku do ložnice rodinného domu ve Vestci. Celkový rozměr obrazu je 66 x 146 cm. 

Obraz hory Manín na Slovensku, objednaný pro rodinný dům v Čestlicích. Velikost obrazu je 100 x 160

Detail obrazu Les, malovaný na zakázku pro rodinný dům v Divoké Šárce. Rozměry malby jsou 90 x 105 cm