Painting on Photos

Author comments: “I began painting on photographs sometime in 1999 when in front of me on the desk was a heap of failed photos that I had accumulated over the years. The thought of just throwing them out depressed me, so I reached for the paintbox, and it started from there. It started with a 13×18 format but later I worked my way up to a full metre works. For my work I choose flawed pictures, that were missing something for me, wrong in some way, leaving open the possibility of a “something” to be discovered through them. It suits me when I can look directly at life, at things that involved me, personally. I start from the reality on the photo and know that I can do with it what I want. Perhaps I draw wings on people or blot someone completely out… Sometimes there is nothing left of the original composition, and yet the resulting image could never have arisen without what was on the original photo. It lies hidden under the painting like the foundations of a house lying in the ground beneath.”